We have an amazing team of caring and compassionate medical professionals for you to meet on your visit.

Monica L McGraw, DVM

with Indy and Duke

Dr McGraw was born and raised on a small ranch near Sandpoint, Idaho. She went to the University of Idaho where she met her loving husband Justin McGraw in 2005. Then she went to Washington State University and graduated with her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. She has practiced at several clinics in North Idaho and Eastern Washington since then including Fry Creek Animal Clinic, Kellogg Pet Medical Center and Spokane Valley Animal Hospital. In September 2016 she finally achieved her dream of clinic ownership when she purchased Lake City Pet Hospital. She devotes her life and her love to her husband, four cats, two dogs, many tropical fish and to caring for all the pets and pet parents she meets at Lake City Pet Hospital.

Brittany Davies

with Zero and Starfire

Brittany was a born pet-lover and had a particular interest in cats from a young age. She began working in the veterinary field at age 16 and has now gathered over 18 years of experience including day practice, shelter medicine, spay/neuter, and emergency medicine. Brittany is now excited to take on the role of Office Manager to help LCPH run smoothly behind the scenes. Hobbies include geeking out to some Harry Potter marathons, binge watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and waking up super early on weekends to drive her son to hockey practice. She lives in Fairfield (WA) with her husband, Shawn, her son Lochlan, and her 13 cats, 3 dogs, 3 turkeys, 2 guinea pigs and a turtle.

Autumn Jolley

with Atlas, Kovu, Sage, and Ryker

Autumn grew up always loving animals and having a passion for them. At 14, she began volunteering at the Kootenai Humane Society and has been working with animals ever since. She completed the Veterinary Technician program at BYU-Idaho in 2011. Autumn is also very active in local pet rescue. Being very kind-hearted, Autumn is always there to ensure no pet is left alone. She lives in Rathdrum with her husband, Brandon, her daughter Ryleigh, her dogs Kovu, Ryker, Atlas, and Sage and her cats Spot and Omelette, along with many foster animals.

Tori Sipes

with Jonah and Lando

Tori has always loved animals ever since she can remember. There was never a time when there wasn’t at least one pet in her house growing up. She has been an Air Force military brat since the age of 10 and has moved to various places around the U.S. and has even lived in South Korea. Tori is currently enrolled at Penn Foster to become a certified Veterinary Technician. She loves hiking, riding her motorcycle, watching Star Wars and playing video games. Tori lives in Post Falls with her husband Scott, two pugs Winston and Pipsqueak, and her cats Jonah and Lando.

Shania Potts

with Harlee

Shania has always had a special place in her heart for animals. As a child she had a dog and hasn’t been without a pet since. She grew up in Post Falls and enjoys racing motocross, playing video games, and watching movies in bed with her fur babies. She has a special connection with her pets and loves them more than anything. In the Fall, you may run into Shania at Scarywood, where she plays a zombie! In the spring, Shania hopes to start schooling to become a veterinary technician. She lives in Post Falls with her dog, Harlee, and her two cats, Ryder and Riglee.