To our Lake City Pet Hospital clients:

We hope everybody is staying safe out there and that your pets are enjoying any extra time you may be spending at home with them!

We of course know how important your pets’ care is, and it is our goal to make sure that every one of our patients remains happy and healthy while we get through this current world health situation. The best way for us to accomplish this goal at this time is to keep both our staff and our clients healthy by making the necessary (but hopefully temporary) changes in our day-to-day operations and general protocol. We are making these changes based on recommendations from the American Veterinary Medical Association as well as local and state officials. These measures are intended to reduce exposure of both our staff and our clients, as well as to conserve important medical supplies and protective equipment in the event of shortages.

We will be asking that all appointments be admitted on a curbside or drop-off basis in order to minimize/eliminate any potential virus spread in our lobby. Our lobby will be closed unless absolutely necessary.

The drop-off procedure will be as follows:

  • Pet owners will be asked to complete an online check-in/history form before coming in for their appointment or on arrival. This form can be found at
  • When you arrive at the clinic, please text or call us at 208-664-5629 and let us know that you are here and what parking spot you are in.
  • A staff member will come to your car to collect your pet. Please ensure that your pet is on a secure collar/harness and leash or in a secure pet carrier before we come out to collect them.
  • We ask that you stay available via text or phone throughout the time we have your pet so that we may contact you with additional questions or with the recommended Patient Care Plan.
  • We will relay all discharge instructions and collect payment via phone or text.
  • When you come to collect your pet, we ask that you again call when you arrive, and a staff member will bring your pet out to you.

For those whose pets are on prescription medications or diets, we STRONGLY recommend that you place your orders through an online pharmacy or delivery service but keep in mind that we will still need to have performed an exam on the pet within the last year, or sometimes within 6 months depending on the medication. Below are some links to the online options for your pet’s meds and foods.

If your pet requires medication that you MUST pick up from us, please call ahead as much as possible (at least 48 hours) so we can ensure that we have it in stock. We also ask that you call ahead when coming to pick it up so we can collect payment over the phone and place the item in a drop box for you to collect.

If you are experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19 or have been exposed to somebody with a confirmed or potential case, please let us know when making your appointment so we can determine the best course of action. If at all possible, please have somebody else bring your pet to their appointment.

Thank you for your understanding as we all adapt to these procedures. This is an unprecedented situation and we are doing our best to continue to provide the best care possible! If you have any further questions or concerns, please text, call, or email us!

Lake City Pet Hospital